Sage and Palo Santo


Sage tied and Palo Santo with Indian silk.


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Sage is an herb known for its healing and medicinal properties. People have burned sage since ancient times to cleanse and purify homes and objects. Smokying a space with sage favors mental clarity and calm.

To use it, you light one end of the tied with a candle and let it go out, you slowly travel through the space to clean,( care can jump some spark) passing through all corners and also by the people present from head to toe. once finished you leave it in a fireproof bowl.

Size approx. 14 cm.

Palo Santo means "sacred wood" and has been used for many years for spiritual and healing purposes. It cleanses and purifies the environment, relieves nervous tension and helps control stress, fostering a state of calm that favors meditative practices.

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Recycled silk
Palo Santo

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