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Wisdom (wisdom)

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It connects with the wisdom of the heart.

Trinity of Hindu deities:

Ganesha, to overcome obstacles.

Shiva who gives us the power to destroy all that damages us and does not let us move forward.

Lakshmi to attract abundance and light to our lives.

Pink tourmaline strengthens, brings joy, harmony and extroversion. It symbolizes love and dispels negative emotions.

Quartz purifies and opens the heart, calms and gives security by returning trust and harmony to relationships by filling them with unconditional love.

Multicolored tourmaline is a shamanic stone that provides protection, cleanses and purifies energy and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

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Medals and carabiner closure in 925 silver and adjustable sliding knots, with length between 35cm and 48cm. approx.

Faceted mineral stones of 2mm.

Medal size between 11mm and 13.5mm approx.

Three necklaces in one that you can wear together or separately, depending on the occasion.

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